Technology Expense Management

TEM used to apply to just telecom. Now, it helps you optimize all your technology spend.

Traditionally, telecommunications expense management solutions focused on fixed-line networks. Later it grew to incorporate mobile. Today, these solutions help businesses understand, control and lower costs across many more IT categories including the cloud, IoT and maintenance.

Welcome to the new TEM, Technology Expense Management.   

Technology Expense Management

Telecom and Networks

Gartner, Forrester, and other industry analysts have identified telecom spend as one of the largest non-payroll expense cost. So, when most TEM projects result in 20 percent or more cost savings, we’re talking real money.  

Start with an audit to create a baseline of your inventory and expenses with initial recommendations for savings and cost recovery. From there, you can more effectively control expenses, integrating monthly invoice validation, bill payment and reporting with your AP processes. 

Mobile and IoT

The number of mobile and IoT devices is exploding and your wireless expenses are only going up. You need a complete, global view of your mobile fleet across carriers, geographies and devices for both corporate liable and BYOD environments.

Mobile TEM solutions help you maintain a real-time inventory of devices, enable employees with improved self-service, automate or outsource your mobility help desk functions, and lower service costs. 

Cloud, IaaS and SaaS

You company is likely using multiple cloud providers. Most approved to support business objectives. Some acquired along the way by individual employees or groups to meet a specific, often localized, need —referred to as Shadow IT.

Cloud TEM solutions present an enterprise view of your different suppliers, applications and costs. Allowing you to make informed decisions on corporate recommended applications, overlapping supplier contracts, and expense reduction.

Hardware, Software and IT Services

Managing several different IT vendors to service your business needs across global locations has significant drawbacks, but for most companies, it’s simply required. 

That’s why many enterprise turn to trusted IT service providers for project-based field services, third-party maintenance and support, and asset disposition.  By consolidating installation, maintenance and decommissioning you save valuable time, simplify operations and eliminate unnecessary costs. 

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