Client Testimonials

We've been fortunate to work with some great clients.

"Working with Telecom Buyer to migrate our data center and branch network from MPLS to SD-WAN has been a pleasure. They have helped us for several years now, on multiple network and telephone projects, and always go out of their way to make sure we get the answers needed."
Kenan Luptak‚Äč, CTO
Points West Community Bank
"We found Steve when we were looking to upgrade IP transit capacity and add diversity, and have relied on him for multiple upgrades since then. He supplies multiple vendor quotes and detailed information that helps us make the right decision for the best service and value."
Rod Caglia, Founder
Integrity Networks
"Steve has helped us with telecom issues, working with vendors, identifying options, and navigating the paperwork and technicalities of phone and network services for over 10 years. He's been a valuable resource."
Douglas Genne, VP, Technology Operations
Urban One, Inc
"Telecom Buyer does not just give you a quote, they provide you with an analysis. This allows me to make a more informed buying decision, which results in a higher ROI."
Johnnie Baker, CIO
BKA Financial, LLC
"Steve won my business initially by being very responsive, providing multiple, attractive options and answering all of my questions very thoroughly. Nothing has changed. He does a great job and I bring him all of my telco needs and recommend him to others."
Cory Petkovsek, IT Manager
"Telecom Buyer has supplied me with service in three separate locations, each time he provided expert knowledge and took the necessary time to educate me in all aspects so I could make a decision as an informed consumer."
Larry Grossenbacher, CIO
Metropolitan Exposition Services
"The benefits Steve offers saved several of my customers the headaches of ordering or changing their telecom services. He saved our customers thousands of dollars from their monthly telecom expenses by reviewing their existing voice/data service and finding more cost effective solutions."
Thomas Burns, Owner
RTZ Communications
"Telecom Buyer has worked with BEI and with a number of our clients, has always been very responsive and has provided great service. Steve and his team understand how critical telecom services are to a business, and are great at helping companies balance price, service and reliability."
Ellen Jennings, CEO
"Steve worked with our team of home-based outsourcers to establish a telecom policy - including equipment recommendations - that has allowed us to seamlessly answer client calls whenever our clients need to reach us."
Karen Usher, Chairman and Founder
TPO, Inc.
"Telecom Buyer helped us save a good deal of money during the evaluation of our new phone system at NCRIC. Not only did they perform a very detailed audit, but also presented us with options in a very un-biased manner, allowing us to make an informed decision. Steve's thoroughness and dogged determination facilitated the success of the project."
Kevin O'Shaughnessy, VP of IT
"Steve was a great help to Biocon when we upgraded to a new IP phone system. From preparation at the idea stage through follow-up to trouble shooting post implementation, his assistance ensured a smooth transition. I'm glad we found him and can confidently recommend him to others."
David Frazier, CFO
Biocon, Inc.
"Steve is my 'go to guy' for telecom questions. He's always well informed and gets right to the point. Highly recommended."
Bob Corlett, Founder and President
Staffing Advisors
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