Cloud Communications

Connect anyone, anywhere on any device.

Telecommunications used to mean analog phone lines connected to a PBX phone system primarily used for voice conversations. The hardware was fixed in your office, costly to maintain and offered minimal support for remote workers.

Now, it’s more likely to be an Internet or cloud-based platform. Incorporating voice, video, email, text, chat and social media. Accessed by desktop and mobile devices. Integrated with marketing, sales and support applications.

Cloud Communications

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Frustrated trying to stitch together multiple communications applications into your business workflow?  UCaaS integrates a number of functions from voice telephony, to team collaboration and messaging into a single system with a common interface. Delivered on a subscription basis from secure cloud hosting, you can start small and add capacity where and when you need it. 

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Competitors are rapidly adding real-time communications, including voice, text and chat, into their customer-facing apps. To keep up, you need to work fast and efficiently. CPaaS lets you do just that. It’s a development framework on top of a global network infrastructure. Your team can use it to quickly introduce new services, easily scale to meet demand and pay only for the traffic you send. 

Hosted PBX

It’s time to get the PBX equipment out of your office and into the cloud. Eliminate hardware maintenance costs, version upgrades and reduce outages.  Cloud phone service makes it easy to support multiple locations and integrate popular office and CRM applications. Use a desk phone, soft phone or mobile phone. Or all three.  

SIP Trunking

Need to extend the life of your premises-based PBX phone systems? Want to reduce the cost of PRI circuits or analog phone lines? SIP carries voice phone calls over Internet or private IP networks with greater efficiency and flexibility. Manage traffic flow across multiple locations, adjust capacity as needed and reduce cost.


There are many, popular audio, web and video conferencing services available for small, impromptu team meetings. For high-profile events, corporate training, product announcements or investor relations calls, you need a robust and reliable platform. Protect your brand and ensure your message is delivered securely.


Teams need to collaborate. Many businesses start by experimenting with different collaboration apps like Slack, Teams or Discord. When it’s time to consolidate onto a single enterprise-wide platform and integrate with your other workplace tools, we can help. Chat, share content, manage tasks and exchange ideas from anywhere on your favorite device.


Does your business rely on SMS, text or instant messaging? Many UCaaS providers include basic messaging capabilities, along-side email and voice mail. If you need to deliver messages on a large-scale, broadcast critical announcements on a timely basis or have specific compliance requirements, you may need a specialty provider.

Physical Devices and Analog Lines

Moving your communications to the cloud, doesn’t mean leaving premises-based equipment behind. Faxes, audio paging, door entry, security alarms and other connected systems can be incorporated into your migration plan. If you need to keep analog lines at multiple sites, consider consolidation onto a single provider.

Featured Communications Service Providers

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