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We help businesses make informed technology decisions.

Now, more than ever, you’re working hard to keep your organization’s IT systems running smoothly. Optimizing performance, minimizing outages, rolling out new applications and serving remote workers.

We work with companies that have demanding communications, network and IT requirements. They need to secure the best technical solutions, from the most qualified suppliers, with favorable contract terms and at the lowest possible cost.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

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Who is Telecom Buyer

Telecom Buyer Team

We are a non-biased client advocate. Connecting you with top-rated providers, helping coordinate implementation and providing on-going support.     

Steve Roy founded the company in 2002 with a goal to simplify technology procurement for our clients. Almost two decades later, we’re still going strong.

We are recognized by our clients, suppliers and peers for our attention to detail and determination to get results. These things matter to us, just as they matter to you.

Why use a broker?

Keeping pace with changes in the IT market is challenging. The number of new providers is accelerating. Solutions are increasingly complex with overlapping features and use cases. Pricing can be opaque and difficult to nail down. Contract terms are often unnecessarily restrictive.

That’s where we come in. Our team tracks technology trends, has experience working with multiple suppliers, monitors price changes and knows the tricks of the trade —so you don’t have to. 

Custom Recommendations

Based on your specific needs and priorities, no one-size-fits all approach

Better Contract Terms and Pricing

Tips for more equitable service agreements and lowest available prices

Multi-Vendor Solutions

Central point of contact to help coordinate design through implementation

How We Get Paid

Our broker services are offered at no charge to our clients. Unlike a traditional supplier sales person, we do not earn a salary or commission paid on a signed order. Instead, we receive a small, monthly payment from your provider for the length of your service.  It’s in our best interest that you’re happy with the supplier and their service, now and in the future.

Our Tools and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Maybe not. We're not a fit for everyone.


An initial conversation is an important first step. You may have questions about us, our approach, the suppliers and their solutions. And, we need information as well, about your current situation, business priorities and timing.


If we don't think we can help, we let you know. Likewise, if you don't think there's a fit, please tell us. You won't hurt our feelings. Otherwise, we can move to the next step. To gather any additional data needed and begin to explore potential solutions with you.


Different customers often pay different prices for the same services from the same provider. This happens when the service provider charges what a customer is willing to pay and does not offer all price concessions.


Our brokers have access to benchmark rates for competitive services and use those as a starting point. We always include maximum discounts, apply all promotions and request available rebates. We also ensure you're getting only the services you need and do not include unnecessary add-ons that can increase your total cost.


By working with our experienced industry experts, you get the right solution, at the lowest cost, without any games.

Contracts and service agreements are signed directly with your selected service providers. Billing comes directly from the service providers.   For some projects, we may have you sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA) allowing us to work with your supplier on your behalf.

In the requirements, design and contracting phase, Telecom Buyer is your primary point of contact. We bring in the supplier's engineering, service delivery, legal and management teams as needed.


During implementation, the service provider assigns a project manager. We remain engaged throughout this phase to make sure requirements are communicated accurately, services are configured as ordered and scheduled milestones are met.


After implementation, if you have a service affecting outage, your provider's customer service should be your first call. If you have recurring trouble or billing issues, we are ready to help with escalations and problem resolution.


Over the long term, we are there to work with you on change requests, contract renewals, service cancellations, or just to ask a question.

It's more efficient and lower cost for them to work with us.


We have more experience and broader industry knowledge than many direct sales reps. Our involvement ensures a better match. By the time you engage directly with a provider, you've already done a deep dive into their capabilities and short listed them over their competitors.


Direct sales reps are expensive with base salaries, benefits, expenses and upfront commissions. They require training to ramp up and have high turnover. By comparison, a service provider only pays us after contracts are signed, services delivered and customer payments are received.

Want to learn more? Let’s chat.

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