In-Building Infrastructure

Make your property a productive and secure place to work and visit.

The nature of shared workplaces and public venues is changing. It’s more important than ever for your employees and visitors to be connected and feel secure. Facilities have to be connected inside and out. Building networks, security, lighting and media systems have to be integrated and able to adapt to unanticipated circumstances. Are you ready?

In-Building Infrastructure

Wi-Fi Access Networks

Building a modern Wi-Fi network is more complex that just installing access points. Tenants consider connectivity an important utility like electricity or plumbing. Enterprise users expect connectivity everywhere, in elevators, parking structures and outside on the campus. Public venue networks must support thousands of visitors.

Our supplier’s engineers design networks taking all these factors into consideration. Mapping out physical structures, analyzing user movement, devices and applications. They plan access point installations to maximize coverage and minimize dead zones —so your network delivers the performance users need.

Managed Wi-Fi

Once installed, your Wi-Fi network cannot be ignored. You have to ensure availability, monitor traffic loads, manage configuration changes and enforce security policies.

Managed Wi-Fi services help you manage that complexity, for one or all of your locations. From a central dashboard, get insight into usage patterns, traffic flows, heat maps, footfalls and dwell time. Use this information to optimize network capacity and staffing for both busy and quiet periods. 

In-Building Cellular and Public Safety Wireless

Like Wi-Fi, your tenants, employees, customers and visitors expect to have 4G LTE and, increasingly, 5G service in your building. Our suppliers work with the mobile network operators to extend wireless service indoors. Enhancing your visitors’ experience and adding value to your facility.

Public safety signal boosters ensure critical two-way radio connectivity for emergency responders in your building. Our certified suppliers work with local jurisdictions to provide systems that meet all NFPA and IFC code requirements.

Access Control

Traditional access control systems with local servers can be costly and time consuming to maintain. It’s time to replace or upgrade your premises-based systems with cloud access control.    

Manage and monitor all your locations from a central location or anywhere via  mobile app. Add or remove users, arm or disarm doors and  get real-time alerts. Implement multi-location changes quickly and more accurately.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Video surveillance is a necessity for businesses of all sizes, from one location to hundreds. But systems with local, on-site servers and storage may not provide the capabilities or flexibility you need going forward.

Cloud-enabled video services can help bridge that gap. You get a multi-site dashboard, off-site video storage, advanced search and filtering capabilities, and quick image or video clip downloads.

With remote monitoring by a 24×7 security operations center, you can stop crimes before they happen. Video analytics software can now automatically detect guns, masks or unauthorized intruders in seconds. When integrated with access control systems, you can lock suspect individuals out before entering the building.

Audio Intercom

Cloud-based audio provides both aesthetic and security benefits. Leveraging the same speaker system for dual use simplifies management and offers a lower total cost of ownership versus having two separate audio systems.

During normal operations, you can stream music, white noise or public announcements. But, when video surveillance, remote security monitoring or access control systems detect a potential threat, use audio as a deterrent. A loud audio talk-down from a live security operator is a proven method for stopping a crime in progress while police are dispatched.

LED Lighting

Incandescent lighting is still common, despite being inefficient and costly. CFLs may be long lasting, but can be environmentally dangerous and costly to maintain. The solution is LED lighting. With the right design, high quality replacement fixtures and proper implementation, you can reduce lighting expenses by up to 75 percent.

Start with a no-obligation lighting audit. If there’s a potential fit, you get a detailed design by a professional lighting architect, incorporating top rated products from leading manufacturers, and installation by experienced LED specialist electricians. Improve the appearance, health and safety of your buildings, while reducing energy costs in the process.

IPTV and Cloud Music

IPTV and cloud streamed music solutions deliver the high quality programming you expect from cable or satellite TV providers, with greater flexibility and lower cost.

It’s a great fit for hospitality venues, senior living, multi-dwelling units. Connect set-top boxes to your network via standard Ethernet cabling or wireless for simpler, lower cost access. Use local content insertion to customize viewer experience.

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