Contact Center

Your contact center is the center of your business.

Your business may have multiple groups that fall under the contact center umbrella. They could be inbound customer service agents, outbound sales reps, an IT help desk, fleet managers or even HR specialists managing employee benefits.  

Whatever functions they support, equip your contact center teams with the right tools to deliver a consistently superior customer experience from remote locations, across multiple communications channels and using different devices.

Contact Center

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

With an on-premises system, you have a large initial investment, are responsible for integration with enterprise applications and on-going maintenance. Hosted contact center services eliminate many of the upfront costs, come with pre-built integrations with popular applications and provide greater flexibility to scale and adapt with your business.

Remote Agents

A distributed, connected and mobile workforce is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. They may be working from home, from satellite offices or at pop-up locations for events and emergency situations. Support your agents in any location quickly, efficiently and securely.

Omni Channel Customer Engagement

Meet your customers where and when they want you to. Over the phone, by text, email, web chat or on social media. But, meeting them there is only the first step. Integrate the multiple, disconnected interactions each customer has with your company to deliver a consistent, personalized customer experience throughout their journey.

Virtual Agents and Intelligent Routing

More than ever, customers are looking for self-service options to handle routine transactions with your business. Account updates, billing inquiries, scheduling and many other tasks can and should be automated using interactive voice response for telephone calls and digital agents for web chat. When a live agent is required, connect your customer to the right person, the first time.   

Workforce Engagement

From on boarding and training, to forecasting and scheduling, it’s an ongoing effort to deliver a better experience for agents and a higher quality experience for customers. A workforce management solution helps keep your team engaged and tightly connected. You spend more time coaching and less time analyzing.

Enterprise Integrations

Your reps need the flexibility to handle customer interactions anywhere on the desktop. From screen pops, to click-to-call, synchronized data and automated workflows save valuable time. Pre-built integrations with enterprise apps like Salesforce and Zendesk and Microsoft Teams can implemented quickly to extend the reach and efficiency of your contact center agents.

Analytics and Insights

Contact center data should be easily accessible, relevant and actionable. Real-time performance dashboards, speech analytics and customer feedback surveys help improve both customer and agent experiences. Drive your decisions with data. Create a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. 

Outsourced Call Center Services

When your business grows quickly or needs to add resources outside your core skill sets, outsourcing call center, help desk or other business processes can be a great solution. Choosing the right strategy, selecting the best partner can be difficult and time consuming. Our experienced advisors can help you define requirements, identify the most qualified outsourcing firms and secure the lowest cost.

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